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New Flash game comin up!

2011-03-10 22:58:57 by SweetenBoy

Hey Newgrounds, to those of you following up, I've almost finished my newest flash game, which will be titled Throwing Knife Frenzy. Unlike my first game, this is going to have a sexy preloader, online leaderboards, and be a (hopefully) worthy contender for a daily Newgrounds prize.

I will release it hopefully no later than the end of April 2011.

On an unrelated topic, to any pokemon black or white owners, please add me as a friend. FC is 0218, 0109, 2229.


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2011-03-16 08:17:25

well, I made something related to it.
( your bbs post in the flash forum, wink wink )
what do?

SweetenBoy responds:

Dude thank you so much for helpin me out =D

I have since fixed the issue but not after much trial and error.


2011-03-31 23:30:56

Yay! Close to finished yet?

SweetenBoy responds:

it's spring break, so no I'm not. When I'm not vacationing in Mexico I will spend 24/7 to get the thing done.


2011-04-21 22:12:49

I have no wifi. :'C